<p>Kids LOVE slime!&nbsp; At Kids Empowered we use slime in lots of fun ways to teach social skills and emotional management. One way we use slime is to represent sticky situations kids face on the playground, in the classroom and at home.&nbsp; Kids will learn how to recognize they are in a sticky situation. Kids learn strategies to respond to unfriendly classmates, friend comments and actions, sibling conflict and everyday challenges. Kids will need the ability to make their own slime twice during the session. Each day, different colors of slime will represent their emotions and they will learn ways to manage them.&nbsp; We will even practice mindfulness with slime. Lots of fun and role-playing to handle sticky situation in this camp. We will use the movie Inside Out to go along with the colors and how are brain responds with different emotions.<br><br>Materials needed to participate:</p><p>3 sheets of 12x18 construction paper or 1 poster board, glue stick, scissors, crayons</p><p>(Materials for a poster activity emailed)</p><p>Slime ingredients ( ½ cup glue, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1-2 tables spoons of contact solution, 3 drops of washable</p><p>paint or food coloring)</p>


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