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6490 - LEGO Robotics

Campers ages 5 through 8 will use Game Crazy’s LEGO robots, to build out all the components of a soccer game and play LEGO soccer matches. On the first day, kids will learn how to build and program a kicker and goalie robot using axels, levers, wheels and more. In subsequent days, they will build cheering fans who interact when the ball passes by them by making use of motion sensors. Using drag and drop programming, kids will learn to bring robots to life, keep score, work in teams and more! A highly fun and educational LEGO camp. Older campers ages 9 through 13 will use LEGO NXT Robots, and transport to a far off planet where they build autonomous robots to make the planet habitable by humans. Young campers learn to build and program these robots to navigate challenging terrain and carry out various complex missions like excavating lake water, transporting rocks and more. In the process, campers will learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts in a “minds-on hands-on” environment. Campers will use a variety of sensors like sound sensors, ultrasonic sensors, color sensors and touch sensors to make their robots self- aware.


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